APF Newsletter 14 March 2013

Prior to a number of elections, the Australian Privacy Foundation has issued Challenges to political Parties about their privacy policies.In the context of the forthcoming federal election, APF has drafted a request to the Parties for answers to a number of key questions, with the intention that their responses be summarised and published.We would appreciate… Read More

APF Newsletter 13 November 2012

Chair’s Report to the 2012 AGMThis Report provides additional information beyond that sent in the two previous reports to members during the last year:10 July 2012 (New Patrons and Advisory Panel members; APF’s 25th Anniversary)24 August 2012 (New Submissions; New Advisory Panel Members; Membership Reminder)Your Board has made about 70 distinct policy contributions during the… Read More

APF Newsletter 24 August 2012

The Board of the Australian Privacy Foundation (APF) met with its new Patrons in Sydney on Monday 20 August, and prepared plans for new initiatives during the coming year.This coincided with the 25th Anniversary of APF’s establishment.Major new policy contributions this month have been on the following topics:the Privacy Amendment Bill, 4 large documents, plus… Read More

APF Newsletter 10 July 2012

The 8 months since the last Occasional APF Newsletter have seen a great of activity.The Passing of APF’s Foundation PatronSir Zelman Cowen (1919–2011) was a leading legal academic whose ABC Boyer Lecture Series on ‘The Private Man’ in 1969 fired the starting-gun in the fight for privacy protections. He was twice a Vice-Chancellor, a Governor-General,… Read More

APF Newsletter 28 July 2011

The Privacy Foundation’s Board-members have been very active recently on multiple fronts, particularly the Personally-Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR), the Cybercrime amendments, and the proposal for a privacy right of action. You can follow the submissions on the Policy pages, at https://www.privacy.org.au/Papers/.The APF encourages contributions from its members to the organisation’s operations.One avenue that’s available… Read More

APF Newsletter 5 May 2011

The threats to privacy have multiplied and intensified in recent years. Privacy advocates have been forced onto a treadmill of continual reactive responses to corporate abuses, government agency efforts to establish a national database, and sporadic political initiatives with unjustified negative impacts on privacy.The Australian Privacy Foundation has accordingly moved towards more proactive Policy Statements… Read More

APF Newsletter 21 April 2011

Thanks to those who voted for BBA nominees last week.The Winners were announced last night.Orwell Award for the Most Invasive TechnologyBody Scanners(Runner-Up Google’s StreetView and Wifi)Orwell Award for the Worst Agency – Won JointlyQld Drivers LicenceVic Transport Ticketing Authority / MykiOrwell Award for the Worst CorporationFacebook(Runners-Up Biometrics Institute)The Boot-in-Mouth AwardEric Schmidt (immediate past CEO of… Read More

APF Newsletter 11 April 2011

Hello fellow member of the Australian Privacy FoundationVoting for the Big Brother Awards is now open.Here are the instructions for casting your vote:1. Review the Nomination Forms and ResponsesThey are in the attached .zip file, and at https://www.privacy.org.au/bba/.If you have any questions, email mailto:bba@privacy.org.au.2. Cast Your Vote in each CategoryDELETE the name of the finalists… Read More