APF Newsletter 30 March 2014

RFC: APF Policy on Drones

Drones are very much in the news.

The APF works hard to develop policies proactively. This enables us to influence debates from the outset, and to prepare submissions quickly.

We’re seeking your thoughts on the draft Policy Statement on Drones.

The intention is to provide background, an outline analysis of the privacy concerns, and an indication of the actions that we believe need to be taken. As opportunities arise, we can then make more specific proposals, within the context set by this general policy.

There are two current activities of relevance:

  1. hearings by a Committee of the House of Representatives (HoR)
  2. an Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) project, which is about to publish an Issues Paper that is primarily concerned with the shape that a privacy tort should take but that also includes some emergent topics within its scope, including drones

APF was invited to present to both the HoR Committee and the ALRC.

Roger Clarke, Chair, for the Board of APF