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My Health Record

This is the latest brand name for the Australian government-controlled online copy of parts of your health information. From 2012 until 2015 it was called the ‘Personally-Controlled Electronic Health Record’ (PCEHR). It is not designed for patients, and it is not designed for health care professionals. And it’s being foisted on you.

The 2016 Census

APF led the fight against the retention of identifiers with Census data. The ABS conducted an internal assessment, avoided engaging with the public, ignored the evidence provided to it, implemented a system with abysmal security precautions, crashed on Census night – yet no-one was sacked.

Australia Card (again)

The descendants of the public servants who tried to impose the Australia Card scheme in 1987 keep trying to achieve the same result. The Access Card, the mygov Portal, and national document and photograph ‘verification’ services are just some of the attempts that the APF has worked to defeat.


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Sacha Molitorisz, University of Technology Sydney Facebook announced last week it would discontinue the partner programs that allow advertisers to use third-party data from companies such as Acxiom, Experian and Quantium to target users. Graham Mudd, Facebook’s product marketing director, said in a statement: We want to let advertisers know that we will be shutting… Read More

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News that Facebook has given away personal information about many Australians is a reminder that we need businesses, governments and political parties to be accountable. Australians need better privacy protection. They can get that without a lot of pain, money or fuss. The Australian Privacy Foundation – on behalf of all Australians – calls on… Read More

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APF Vice Chair / Co-Chair of Surveillance Committee Dr Adam Molnar, and Co-Chair Surveillance Committee Dr Monique Mann recently gave evidence at the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Law Enforcement Inquiry on the impact of new and emerging information and communications technology. They emphasized the importance of not undermining or weakening encryption, and you can sign… Read More

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David Glance, University of Western Australia The London-based data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica has been accused of using illegally gathered information from more than 50 million Facebook users to support Donald Trump’s US presidential campaign. Facebook has suspended the accounts of the firm along with Cambridge University academic Aleksandr Kogan and consultant-turned-whistle-blower Christopher Wylie, who… Read More

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David Vaile, UNSW As revelations continue to unfold about the misuse of personal data by Cambridge Analytica, many Australians are only just learning that Australian politicians have given themselves a free kick to bypass privacy laws. Indeed, Australian data privacy laws are generally weak when compared with those in the United States, the United Kingdom… Read More

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JOINT MEDIA RELEASE BY ELECTRONIC FRONTIERS AUSTRALIA, FUTURE WISE, AUSTRALIAN PRIVACY FOUNDATION AND DIGITAL RIGHTS WATCHIn light of the revelations that Cambridge Analytica has reportedly misused the data of over 50 million people on Facebook, Australia’s leading digital and civil rights advocates call on all Australian governments and political parties to categorically answer the following… Read More

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