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My Health Record

This is the latest brand name for the Australian government-controlled online copy of parts of your health information. From 2012 until 2015 it was called the ‘Personally-Controlled Electronic Health Record’ (PCEHR). It is not designed for patients, and it is not designed for health care professionals. And it’s being foisted on you.

The 2016 Census

APF led the fight against the retention of identifiers with Census data. The ABS conducted an internal assessment, avoided engaging with the public, ignored the evidence provided to it, implemented a system with abysmal security precautions, crashed on Census night – yet no-one was sacked.

Australia Card (again)

The descendants of the public servants who tried to impose the Australia Card scheme in 1987 keep trying to achieve the same result. The Access Card, the mygov Portal, and national document and photograph ‘verification’ services are just some of the attempts that the APF has worked to defeat.


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In response to QLD Police Minister’s media release made to the ABC on 15/03/18 and yet to be made available on line, the APF would like to respond: The APF are disappointed that the QLD Police Minister chose not to respond to Dr Mann’s comments in person and take up the substance of the issues… Read More

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The Australian Privacy Foundation has long argued that the requirement for registration for concession Opal users is a breach of the privacy laws. All users of the public transport system in NSW should have the right to travel anonymously and not be tracked. A case was brought against Transport for NSW by Nigel Waters (life… Read More

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Jake Goldenfein, Swinburne University of Technology A Bill to set up the federal government’s biometric identity system is currently going through Parliament. But there are concerns over just how much information the system would be allowed to gather, and how that might be used to establish more than just the identity of a person. Strongly… Read More

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Protection from public sector snoops is okay for people in Britain but not for Australians? That’s the question being asked by the Australian Privacy Foundation – the nation’s independent privacy advocate. For more than 30 years the Foundation has been fighting for a respectful privacy regime. Just because something is politically advantageous, administratively convenient or… Read More

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Do you want your kids to be stopped, questioned and photographed by the police? Do you know what happens to such photos? Can you be sure that such photos will be safeguarded? And if your kids can be stopped, questioned and photographed at whim like this, can the same be done to you as well… Read More

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There can be benefits from the ‘sharing’ (distribution) of health and other personal information  among health care professionals and researchers. Any such ‘sharing’ must, however, be based on an understanding of potential risks. It must only occur within an effective legal framework, and controls appropriate for those risks. A ‘Trust me, I’m from the government!’… Read More

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