Many organisations and individuals have contributed to a long history of campaigns against privacy intrusions and in favour of privacy protections. This page provides reference information on a few of them. The purpose is to provide examples of wins and losses, and examples of effective and not-so-effective campaigning. To provide context, some key events in the history of privacy in Australia are inter-leaved with the campaigns.

In many of the campaigns documented here, the APF was prime mover or a major contributor. But others were run, or significantly contributed to, by other organisations. Many of those organisations are still active and their contact-points are listed on this site; but some of them were formed for the purpose of particular campaigns and no longer exist. Further details can be sought in the many papers authored by the APF.

Please advise the web-team of suggested corrections and improvements to this page, and about additional campaigns that should be documented here.

The Early Years

The 1980s



  • Commonwealth Government Outsourcing (1996 et seq.). See also Rawlings (2001)
  • The Victorian Data Protection Advisory Council, and the resultant Information Privacy Bill (1996, 1999)
  • The A.C.T. Health Records (Privacy And Access) Act 1997. See also Patterson (2000)
  • The National Principles for the Fair Handling of Personal Data in the Private Sector (1997-98), including the Campaign for Fair Privacy Laws. See also Greenleaf & Waters (1998) and Greenleaf (1998)
  • Biometrics (1997 et seq.). See also Waters (2002), Clarke (2003)
  • The Integrated Public Number Database (IPND) (1997 et seq.). See also Raiche (1997)
  • The Gatekeeper Public Key Infrastructure Norms(1997 et seq.). See also Greenleaf (1998, 2001)
  • The Stott-Despoja Genetic Privacy Bill (1997)
  • The A.C.T. Health Records (Privacy and Access) Bill 1997. See also Waters (1998)
  • The N.S.W. Privacy and Personal Information Protection Bill 1998 (1998), for 2 years the world’s worst privacy legislation
  • The N.S.W. Workplace Video Surveillance Act 1998
  • ACIF Industry Code for the ‘Protection of Personal Information of Customers of Telecommunications Providers’ (1998-99)
  • The Australian Direct Marketing Authority’s Code of Conduct (1998 et seq.)
  • The Private Sector Provisions of the Privacy Act (Cth) (1999-2000, 2004-05)


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