The Australian Privacy Foundation is the primary association dedicated to protecting the privacy rights of Australians. The Foundation aims to focus public attention on emerging issues which pose a threat to the freedom and privacy of Australians. The Foundation has led the fight to defend the right of individuals to control their personal information and to be free of excessive intrusions.

The Privacy Foundation plays a unique role as a non-government organisation active on a wide range of privacy issues. It works with consumer organisations, civil liberties councils, professional associations and other community groups on specific privacy issues. The Privacy Foundation is also a participant in Privacy International, the world-wide privacy protection network. Where possible, it cooperates with and supports official agencies, but it is entirely independent – and often critical – of the performance of agencies set up to protect our privacy.

The Privacy Foundation is an entirely voluntary organisation. It is involved in a wide range of privacy issues. The following are regarded as the matters of highest priority:

  • ensuring that the Commonwealth Government’s changes to privacy legislation to cover the private sector give Australians real privacy safeguards
  • contributing to the development of industry codes
  • highlighting privacy risks in emerging technologies including biometrics
  • participating in global efforts to make the Internet safe for personal privacy

The Major Contributors to the APF’s Work

Objectives and Constitution

The APF’s Origins and Track Record


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Amended 13 July 2021