The APF spends its energy on research, submissions and communication to the public, not on seeking or collecting testimonials. But here are a few that have come to our notice.

“The Australian Privacy Foundation … has contributed so much to the development of discussion about privacy in this nation” – Phillip Ruddock, Hansard, 17 September 1987

“The national body which has been formed, the Australian Privacy Foundation, comprises people from across the political and social spectrum. The fact that Professor Lauchlan Chipman and Professor Ted Wheelwright share a concern must be significant and must not be ignored. Senator Haines is proud to join them and Frank Hardy, Alan Jones, the Hon. James McClelland, Tim Robertson, Dr Bruce Shepherd, Nadia Weiner, Professor Geoffrey de Q. Walker, Dr Michael Aroney, Ron Castan, Dr Peter Catts and the others who have joined together to form the Privacy Foundation. That is not forgetting the trustees of the Foundation, Sir Reginald Smithers, Bridget Gilling, Peter Garrett and Ben Lexcen. To dismiss that kind of community support would be very foolish on the part of any government perhaps in regard to any legislation” Senator Jeanette Powell, Hansard, 21 September 1987

“The Australian Privacy Foundation … very effectively outlined the series of assurances that the Government had given on the limited use of the tax file number” – Senator Rod Kemp, Hansard, 18 December 1990

“The APF … a high-profile lobby group that works to defend the rights of individuals to protect their personal privacy … ” Simon Hayes, in The Australian, 3 August 2004, viewed on 3 August 2004

“[APF provides] an excellent source of information detailing the different complaint handling bodies in Victoria and Australia-wide” – The Victorian Government’s Youth Central Web-Site, viewed on 27 December 2004

“The Australian Privacy Foundation is a non-government organisation dedicated to protecting the privacy rights of Australians. The Resources section of the web site contains Commonwealth and State/Territory privacy laws, laws of other countries and international instruments. There is also a directory of associations, media relaeases and papers published by the Foundation and a history of privacy law and policy. Guidance is given on how – and to whom, depending on the sector or industry concerned – to make a complaint relating to intrusion of privacy” – AccessToLaw Legal Resources, viewed on 27 December 2004

“the Australian Privacy Foundation … is crammed full of privacy experts, lawyers and academics from across Australia” – 7 April 2005, Lee Rhiannon, Greens MLC, N.S.W. Parliament Hansard (during debate on the Photo Card Bill 2004)

A collection of quotes from a book by Prof. Colin Bennett, ‘The Privacy Advocates’, 2008