From time to time, APF is asked such questions as ‘who are you?’ and ‘what is the basis of your claim to represent the public interest in privacy?’.

This Policy Statement documents the APF’s position on such questions.

The APF is an association of individuals formed in 1987 to “protect the privacy rights of Australians, by means of research, awareness, education … and campaigns”. The formal Objectives and Purposes of the incorporated body are in Rule 3 of the Rules of Incorporation.

A substantial amount of information is provided about the organisation in the ‘About Us’ segment of this web-site.

The APF is open to membership by individuals and organisations who support the APF’s Objects.

Funding provided by members and donors is used to run the Foundation and to support its activities including research, campaigns and awards events.

The APF’s contributions to policy are based on the expertise of the members of its Board, SubCommittees and Reference Groups, supported by the leading members of Australian society who serve on its Advisory Panel.

The substantial impact of the APF’s contributions reflect the quality of the evidence, analysis and arguments that those contributions contain.

The APF does not claim any right to formally represent the public as a whole, nor to formally represent any particular population segment. The APF accordingly makes no public declarations about its members or its membership-base.