This document indexes papers according to the jurisdictions to which they are relevant.

This encompasses not only State and Territory matters, but also private sector, individual and international topics.
Matters of an Australian, national nature are indexed into sub-categories here

This index reflects work undertaken by the APF up to 5 April 2021. This page is typically updated semi-annually.

The index is comprehensive since 2002. It also includes key documents dating back to 1987,
and papers by APF’s sibling organisation the Australian Privacy Charter Council (1994-2002).

Indexes are also provided in reverse-chronological order of publication (which is always up-to-date), and by policy-areas. See also the Campaigns pages.


New South Wales Private Sector – For Profit
Victoria Private Sector – Not For Profit
Western Australia Individuals
South Australia
Tasmania Trans-Jurisdictional and Trans-Border
Australian Capital Territory International
Northern Territory

Federal Public Sector

A vast proportion of the APF’s efforts have been concerned with privacy-invasive behaviour by the Commonwealth government, partly because of the inherently privacy-invasive nature of some of what government agencies do, but particularly because of the very strong orientation of senior government executives towards central planning and social control, and their wilful avoidance of recognising the importance of privacy.

So enormous is the range of issues that the APF has had to deal with that, in the Commonwealth public sector, it is of little value to list papers here. Instead, use the index by policy-areas to find relevant documents.