This document lists papers sorted into the policy-areas to which they are relevant.

This index reflects work undertaken by the APF up to 30 June 2017.

The index is comprehensive since 2002. It also includes key documents dating back to 1987,
and papers by APF’s sibling organisation the Australian Privacy Charter Council (1994-2002).

See also the chronological index, which is always up-to-date.

A companion document indexes papers by jurisdictions. See also the Campaigns pages.



Banking Media
Body Privacy National Id Schemes
Body Scanners Passports
Census & Other ABS Surveys Personal Property Securities
Consumer Credit Prisons
Consumer Matters Generally Privacy Regulation – Generally
‘Counter-Terrorism’ – Tort
Criminal Law – Security
Data Surveillance – Data Breach Notification
Electoral Matters – Federal Parliament
Freedom of Information (FOI) – Law Reform Agencies
Health Care – Generally – OAIC, PM&C, A/G’s and Similar
– eHealth Records – States & Territories
– Data – Advocacy Processes
– ID Schemes Telecomms – Do Not Call
– NSW HealtheLink CND/CLI
– Medicare Audit IPND
– Other Interception & Access
Identity – ID Schemes and Cards Other
Biometrics Trans-Border / Trans-Jurisdictional
– RFID and People Transport – ANPR
Genetics and DNA Anonymity on Public Transport
Authentication Anonymity on the Road
Other Driver’s Licences
International Matters Visual Surveillance
Internet – Generally Workplace
Google Other Arenas
Law Enforcement
Location and Tracking Election Challenges