This document lists papers sorted into the policy-areas to which they are relevant.

This index reflects work undertaken by the APF up to 5 April 2021.

The index is comprehensive since 2002. It also includes key documents dating back to 1987,
and papers by APF’s sibling organisation the Australian Privacy Charter Council (1994-2002).

See also the chronological index, which is always up-to-date.

A companion document indexes papers by jurisdictions. See also the Campaigns pages.


Banking Media
Body Privacy National Id Schemes
Body Scanners Passports
Census & Other ABS Matters Personal Property Securities
Consumer Credit Prisons
Consumer Matters Generally Privacy Regulation – Generally
‘Counter-Terrorism’ (and ‘National Security’) – Tort
Criminal Law – Security
Data Surveillance – Data Breach Notification
Electoral Matters – Federal Parliament
Freedom of Information (FOI) – Law Reform Agencies
Health Care – Generally – OAIC, PM&C, A/G’s, IGIS and Similar
– ‘eHealth’ Records – MyHR/PCEHR – States & Territories
– eHealth Records – Other – Advocacy Processes
– Data Telecomms – Do Not Call
– ID Schemes CND/CLI
– NSW HealtheLink IPND
– Medicare Audit Interception & Access
– Other Other
Identity – ID Schemes and Cards Trans-Border / Trans-Jurisdictional
Biometrics Transport – ANPR
– RFID and People Anonymity on Public Transport
Genetics and DNA Anonymity on the Road
Authentication Driver’s Licences
Other Visual Surveillance
International Matters Workplace
Internet – Generally
Google Other Arenas
Law Enforcement
Location and Tracking
Marketing Election Challenges