The purpose of this document is to provide access to ongoing mailing lists, newsgroups and periodic newsletters, which enable community-members to notify one another of breaking news, to exchange information and views on topical issues, and to arrange events.

A separate page provides access to privacy-related documents that are available on the web.

The links in this page are reviewed periodically. Please advise any broken links, or suggested enhancements, to the APF Web-Team.

Mailing Lists

This section identifies communities that deliver messages on an ongoing basis directly into your mailbox:


This section identifies communities that post messages to Usenet newsgroups:


This section identifies periodicals that are at least in part available over the net:

  • EPIC Alert, a highly valuable, bi-weekly, gratis e-newsletter, published since 1991. A complete archive is provided on that page
  • Privacy Law and Policy Reporter, a hard-copy, paid-subscription Australian monthly published since 1994, with gratis electronic archives
  • Privacy Journal, a highly valuable paid-subscription monthly, published continuously since 1974
  • Privacy Exchange NewsFlash, which also offers archives since 1998. This is run by Alan Westin, who has been championing the interests of business and government against those of individuals since the mid-1960s
  • Risks Forum, the archive of comp.risks