Privacy Act Reviews

Current Status

2005 has seen two concurrent reviews of the Privacy Act 1988, our national privacy legislation which regulates both Australian Government agencies, andsome of the private sector.

The first review is by the Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner (OFPC). The terms of reference for that review, which were set by the Government, were to consider “the degree to which the private sector provisions meet their objects”. Privacy Commissioner Karen Curtis has recently completed that review. Her report, “Getting in on the Act”, was completed in March, and released by the Government in May 2005. The Government is now considering Ms Curtis’s report. We’ve written a commentary on her report too. See more below under “OFPC review“.

Meanwhile the Senate Legal and Constitutional Committee has been reviewing the whole Privacy Act, looking at the Act’s overall effectiveness and appropriateness “as a means by which to protect the privacy of Australians”.

The Senate Committee is due to report on its review by 30 June 2005. The Australian Privacy Foundation made written submissions and our Chair and Vice Chair appeared in person before the Committee to give evidence. See more below under “Senate review“.


OFPC review

Senate review

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