The objectives of the APF are expressed in the following extract from the Rules of Incorporation.


  1. To protect the privacy rights of Australians, by means of research, awareness, education, the highlighting of privacy risks in all forms of technology and practices, and campaigns for new laws, regulations, codes, policies and practices, and amendments to existing laws, regulations, codes, policies and practices.
  2. To focus public attention on emerging issues and technologies that pose a threat to the freedom and privacy of Australians.
  3. To collaborate with consumer organisations, civil liberties councils, professional associations and other community groups on specific privacy issues.
  4. To participate in and contribute to other national and to international privacy protection organisations and initiatives.
  5. To provide information to corporations, associations and government agencies, and to cooperate with them wherever practicable, but to remain independent of them, and to be critical of them where necessary.
  6. To pursue such additional objects and purposes as may facilitate the achievement of the preceding objects and purposes.