The Australian Privacy Foundation (APF) endeavours to provide speakers for conferences and seminars. The APF Board will accept each invitation at our discretion. Acceptance will depend on whether it is ‘on topic’ for APF, a speaker’s availability, and priority.

Most work performed by the APF is done on a pro bono basis. However as the APF receives no government funding or business sponsorship, we rely on membership, donations and speakers’ fees to sustain our work, in the public interest.

Speakers’ fees are set at less than the full commercial rate, but do reflect the time commitment involved and expertise of the speaker, together with local travel, personal computer usage, and related office expenses.

Our fee is $950 for a speech / presentation / panel discussion of less than one hour’s duration.

Our fee does not, however, include the following:

  • travel in excess of 50km from the speaker’s normal place of work,
  • accommodation and sustenance where participation involves an overnight stay, or
  • any applicable taxes (at present nil, because the APF is not registered for GST).

In addition, it is understood that a gratis registration will be provided for the speaker to attend the entire event. The APF also seeks the opportunity to arrange a gratis invitation for a colleague to attend the event.

At its sole discretion, the APF Board may accept a lesser amount for appropriate events e.g. those organised by not-for-profit / community organisations, if it is in line with APF’s primary goals for the year and will have a public interest benefit. However out-of-pocket / travel / food expenses are sought in all circumstances.

This policy was adopted by the APF Board on 28 February 2006