APF Newsletter 19 September 2021

The Australian Privacy Foundation enjoys the support of many leading Australians across many walks of life. We routinely draw attention to the standing of the APF’s Patrons and Advisory Panel members when we make submissions.
The APF’s policy positions have always been based on research and careful argument, and we believe that the quality of the Panel reinforces that positioning. We’re delighted to announce a tranche of new members of that Panel. Read More

APF Newsletter 7 May 2021

We regret the 10-month delay since the most recent Newsletter!
The Board has remained very busy throughout, with about 20 submissions made during that period.
These included a very substantial response to the Issues Paper published by the Attorney-General’s Department in relation to the (non-independent) review it is conducting of the Privacy Act. The scope was very broad, and it accordingly involved a team of contributors, led by Prof. Graham Greenleaf. Read More

APF Newsletter 8 July 2020

We regret the delay since the last Newsletter.

The primary reason has again been busyness on policy issues, but to some extent the COVID-19 epidemic has also played a role.
The lockdown hasn’t greatly affected the workings of an organisation that has operated mostly virtually for decades already. However, it’s had a substantial impact on many of our most active volunteers. Read More

APF Newsletter 21 November 2019

Our apologies for the gap since the last Newsletter.We’re endeavouring to get back to a cycle of 2 or 3 updates per annum.Annual General MeetingThe AGM was held on 13 November 2019.You can view the detailed Annual Report.The Chair Group remains as before, comprising:Chair: David VaileVice-Chairs: Kat Lane, Bruce Baer ArnoldSecretary-Treasurer:  Mark Walkom recently retired after… Read More

APF Newsletter 20 April 2018

Dear APF Members,We’re pleased to pass on some details of recent work the APF has been undertaking, as well as changes to our Board and Advisory and Patrons Panel.Policy WorkThe APF has continued its efforts to influence policy decisions relevant to privacy, including robo-goverment and the social welfare system, the Productivity Commission’s proposals re open… Read More

APF Newsletter 2 July 2017

Dear APF members,This announcement is primarily about the recent changes on the APF board, and some upcoming events. 1. Recent changesOver the past year, the ongoing renewal of Board composition and appointments has continued. Chair Kat Lane, Vice-Chair David Lindsay, long-standing Secretary/Treasurer Mark Walkom, and a couple of other members retired, and (Prof) Deborah Upton… Read More

APF Newsletter 18 April 2016

1. Campaign re MyHRThe ‘personally controlled’ electronic health record (PCEHR) has been a 5-year-long failure.The latest attempt to breathe life into the (so far, $1.5bn) lemon involves switching from a consent-based approach to an ‘opt-out’ model – and making it extremely difficult to opt out. APF is conducting a campaign to ensure that the public and the… Read More