Advocacy Groups Oppose Google Takeover of Fitbit

Consumer and citizen groups have significant concerns that Google’s proposed takeover of wearables manufacturer Fitbit would be a game-changer not only for how people interact with the online world but also for digital and related health markets. Regulators around the world –in particular those concerned with antitrust compliance and data privacy –must therefore give it… Read More

APF Newsletter 21 November 2019

Our apologies for the gap since the last Newsletter.We’re endeavouring to get back to a cycle of 2 or 3 updates per annum.Annual General MeetingThe AGM was held on 13 November 2019.You can view the detailed Annual Report.The Chair Group remains as before, comprising:Chair: David VaileVice-Chairs: Kat Lane, Bruce Baer ArnoldSecretary-Treasurer:  Mark Walkom recently retired after… Read More

Should Business be Free to Ignore Consumer Consent and Privacy??

The catch-cry that Zuckerberg used to justify his end-run around privacy protections was ‘the default is social’.
During the last few years, Australian business has been lobbying for the economic potential of all data to be unlocked, not just social media data.
That requires that the already-weak privacy protections be dismantled, to implement the business catch-cry of ‘the default is economic exploitation’.
The chosen vehicle for empowering business is the Productivity Commission. Read More

Privacy in Australasia Gets a Boost

The Australian Privacy Foundation (APF) turns 30 in July 2017.
APF, the oldest privacy advocacy body in the world, is delighted to welcome the youngest.
The Privacy Foundation of New Zealand (PFNZ) launched on Monday 8 May 2017.
PFNZ comprises a body of professionals who have individually made substantial contributions to privacy protection. The organisation has declared as its mission: independent, informed and fair public comment on privacy Read More

APF Newsletter 18 April 2016

1. Campaign re MyHRThe ‘personally controlled’ electronic health record (PCEHR) has been a 5-year-long failure.The latest attempt to breathe life into the (so far, $1.5bn) lemon involves switching from a consent-based approach to an ‘opt-out’ model – and making it extremely difficult to opt out. APF is conducting a campaign to ensure that the public and the… Read More

APF Newsletter 8 November 2014

Chair’s Report of November 2014APF’s policy activities have continued unabated, with about 60 contributions during the 12 months since the previous AGM. Governments, government agencies and corporations are very active in abusing the privacy of citizens and consumers. The current Government has proposed yet more measures that are supposed to assist in counter-terrorism, but that… Read More

APF Newsletter 20 September 2014

The police raids of 18 September 2014 have made it an extremely sad week for Australian democracy.All Attorneys-General, Governments and Parliaments since 2001 have been obsequious in their approval of anything that the national security extremist apparatus has requested.The current round, comprising three tranches of legislation, supported by multiple, orchestrated media events, represents an entirely… Read More