APF Newsletter 18 April 2016

1. Campaign re MyHRThe ‘personally controlled’ electronic health record (PCEHR) has been a 5-year-long failure.The latest attempt to breathe life into the (so far, $1.5bn) lemon involves switching from a consent-based approach to an ‘opt-out’ model – and making it extremely difficult to opt out. APF is conducting a campaign to ensure that the public and the… Read More

APF Newsletter 8 November 2014

Chair’s Report of November 2014APF’s policy activities have continued unabated, with about 60 contributions during the 12 months since the previous AGM. Governments, government agencies and corporations are very active in abusing the privacy of citizens and consumers. The current Government has proposed yet more measures that are supposed to assist in counter-terrorism, but that… Read More

APF Newsletter 20 September 2014

The police raids of 18 September 2014 have made it an extremely sad week for Australian democracy.All Attorneys-General, Governments and Parliaments since 2001 have been obsequious in their approval of anything that the national security extremist apparatus has requested.The current round, comprising three tranches of legislation, supported by multiple, orchestrated media events, represents an entirely… Read More

APF Newsletter 30 March 2014

RFC: APF Policy on DronesDrones are very much in the news.The APF works hard to develop policies proactively. This enables us to influence debates from the outset, and to prepare submissions quickly.We’re seeking your thoughts on the draft Policy Statement on Drones.The intention is to provide background, an outline analysis of the privacy concerns, and… Read More

APF Newsletter 21 March 2014

The Australian Privacy Foundation (APF) is delighted to announce the results of the inaugural Sir Zelman Cowen Essay Competition.Here is the Media Release.Our thanks to:judges Elizabeth Evatt – Patron, Julian Burnside – Panel member, and Dan Svantesson – sometime Vice-ChairDavid Lindsay of Monash University for his considerable efforts in establishing the Competition and bringing the… Read More

APF Newsletter 31 October 2013

Chair’s Report of 31 October 2013This AGM sees the retirement of two of APF’s longest-standing Board-members, to whom we extend our thanks on behalf of ourselves and all Australians:Julie CameronAPCC Founder and Coordinator 1992-1996APF Board-Member 1990-2003 and 2009-13Secretary 2002-2003BBA Committee 2003, 2009, 2011Nigel WatersAPCC Coordinator 1997-2002APF Board-Member 1997-2013Policy Coordinator 2002-2013Web-Site Committee 2002-2013Public Officer 2002-Telecommunications then… Read More

APF Newsletter 11 August 2013

APF Newsletters are mostly ‘occasional’.  But this one contains news ‘hot off the press’.1. ‘Go on, Google me’Anna Funder, renowned author, and member of the APF Advisory Panel, published a piece in the (Fairfax) Good Weekend supplement of Saturday 10 August 2013, called ‘Go on, Google me’. (Or maybe just Google it …).2. Public Advisory… Read More

APF Newsletter 14 March 2013

Prior to a number of elections, the Australian Privacy Foundation has issued Challenges to political Parties about their privacy policies.In the context of the forthcoming federal election, APF has drafted a request to the Parties for answers to a number of key questions, with the intention that their responses be summarised and published.We would appreciate… Read More