The Hon. Michael Kirby AC, CMG
Inaugural Chairman of the ALRC 1975-1984
President of the New South Wales Court of Appeal 1984-1996
Justice of the High Court 1996-2009
Prolific speaker, author and advocate on human rights matters
Recipient of 20 Honorary Doctorates from Australian and Overseas Universities
‘ National Living Treasure’
Chairman of OECD expert groups on transborder data flows and the
protection of privacy 1978-80, and security of information systems 1991-92
Human Rights Medal 1991, Australian Privacy Medal 2008
The Hon Justice Elizabeth Evatt AC
First female judge of an Australian federal court, from 1972
Chair of the Royal Commission on Human Relationships, 1974-77
First Chief Judge of the Family Court of Australia, 1976-88
President of the ALRC 1988-93
Strong commitment to human rights, with a particular focus on gender and race discrimination
UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women, 1984-92, incl. Chair 1989-91
The first Australian elected to the UN Human Rights Committee, 1993-2000

Advisory Panel Members

The work of APF’s Board and SubCommittees is supported by the following leading citizens:

Father Frank Brennan AO
Jesuit priest, Professor of Law and Pro-Vice-Chancellor Research at the Australian Catholic University, human rights advocate, Chair of the National Human Rights Consultation in 2008-09, 'National Living Treasure'

Julian Burnside AO QC
Leading Victorian barrister, with a large human rights practice particularly on immigration matters, and long-time involvement in Liberty Victoria, 'National Living Treasure'

The Hon. Fred Chaney AO
Senator and MP for Western Australia 1973-93, Minister 1978-83, long active in social justice matters. Senior Australian of the Year in 2014, for his long-term commitment to human rights, in particular indigenous rights

Dr Elizabeth Coombs
CEO and senior executive of NSW government agencies until 2008, NSW Privacy Commissioner 2011-17, consultancies for the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Privacy 2017-21, Member of the Global Privacy Assembly Advisory Panel

Eva Cox AO
Writer, social commentator, a long term member of Women's Electoral Lobby, a proponent of social and ethical accounting for responsible business enterprises

Prof. Kate Crawford
Leading international scholar of technology and society, with professorial roles around the world including USC Annenberg in LA, École Normale Supérieure in Paris, and Microsoft Research in NYC, Author of the award-winning 'Atlas of AI'

Prof. Julian Disney AO
Director of the Social Justice Project at UNSW, a Past-President of the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS), and sometime Chair of the Australian PressCouncil

The Hon. John Dowd AO QC
Former NSW Attorney-General, Judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, University Chancellor and a Commissioner of the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ)

Barbara Etter APM
Retired senior police officer and lawyer with a strong interest in forensic science - Research Director, Assistant Commissioner and CEO of an Integrity Commission, strong advocate for integrity and justice

Dr Anna Funder
Author of the two major, multi-Award-winning privacy-related works of recent years, the non-fiction work 'Stasiland' and the novel 'All That I Am'

Prof. Ashley Goldsworthy AO OBE KM FTSE FCIE
Former CEO of major corporations; former Federal President of the Liberal Party, of the Australian Computer Society, and of IFIP; a leader in technology and in privacy aspects of computers

Prof. Gernot Heiser FTSE
World-leading UNSW researcher in trustworthy operating systems and commodity off-the-shelf hardware, delivering the foundations of secure and privacy-enabling computing

Geoff Huston AM
Chief Scientist at the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC), the leading figure in the Internet in Australia, with an international profile on Internet freedom issues, and a first-round Inductee when the Internet Hall of Fame was created

The Hon. Dr Barry Jones AC, FAA, FASSA, FAHA, FTSE, FACE
Writer, lawyer, social activist, quiz champion, Minister for Science (1983-90), Federal President of the Australian Labor Party (1991-2000, 2005-06), 'National Living Treasure'

Dr Kristine Klugman OAM
Doctorate in Politics from ANU, former member of NSW Legal Aid Commission, a foundation member of the NSW Council for Civil Liberties, President of Civil Liberties Australia since 2003

Mary Kostakidis
SBS presenter and management team member 1980-2007, member of the National Human Rights Consultation Committee 2009, wide-ranging contributions to human rights and social justice issues

Scott Ludlam
Greens Senator for WA for 9 years, including as a Deputy leader, a policy leader in the areas of telecommunications and Internet freedoms and privacy

Kerry O'Brien
Distinguished public affairs journalist, with six Walkley Awards including for Outstanding Leadership and the Gold Walkley, and a strong commitment to public interest issues

Terry O’Gorman AM
President Australian Council for Civil Liberties (1996-), long-term office-bearer of the Queensland Council for Civil Liberties, frequent spokesperson on human rights issues at the national level

Dr Mary O'Kane AC FTSE
An engineer and computer scientist, a former Dean of Information Technology, Vice-Chancellor and Board member of CSIRO, Chief Scientist of NSW

Christopher Puplick AM
A major contributor to Australia's first FoI and privacy laws and to such human rights issues as the Australia Card, AIDS, anti-discrimination and health, and first NSW Privacy Commissioner

Geoffrey Robertson AO QC
Australian emigré to the London Bar and Bench, with a large human rights practice, founder of 'Hypotheticals', and frequent author on topics relating to civil freedoms

Bill Rowlings OAM
Journalist, editor, editorial director, media adviser, co-author of a PR text-book and a history of civil liberties in Australia, co-founder and CEO of Civil Liberties Australia from 2003, media commentator on people's rights and governments' wrongs

Edward Santow FAAL
Industry Professor - Responsible Technology at UTS, former Human Rights Commissioner, major contributions to the rights of those in detention and the social implications of AI, previously CEO of the Public Interest Advocacy Centre, Senior Lecturer at UNSW Law and Legal Officer at Australian Law Reform Commission

The Hon. Jon Stanhope AO
ACT Chief Minister 2001-11, architect of the first Human Rights Act in Australia in 2004, sole parliamentary leader to stand out against the excesses of post-2001 'counter-terrorism' legislation

Natasha Stott Despoja AO
Senator 1995-2008, including as Leader the Australian Democrats, a leader in privacy law reforms, particularly in relation to genetic data and identity schemes, Australian Ambassador for Women and Girls, active on domestic violence issues

Louise Sylvan AM
Formerly CEO of Australian Consumers Association / Choice, President of Consumers International, and a Commissioner of the ACCC and the Productivity Commission, committed consumer advocate and environmentalist

Prof. Gillian Triggs
Dean of Law at Sydney University 2007-12, a specialist in the implementation of Australia's human rights obligations, President of the Australian Human Rights Commission 2012-2017

Prof. George Williams AO
Major contributions to human rights law and practice, and to study of anti-terror laws and democracy, as Anthony Mason Professor of Law at UNSW, barrister and author


The Right Hon. Sir Zelman Cowen AK GCMG GCVO QC
(7 October 1919 – 8 December 2011)
Constitutional lawyer and Dean of Law at the University of Melbourne,
Vice-Chancellor at the University of New England
and the University of Queensland (1966-1977),
and Governor-General of Australia (1977-1982)
Author of the Boyer Lecture Series in 1969, which was the foundation publication in the field of privacy in Australia


The Right Hon. Malcolm Fraser AC CH – RIP 20 March 2015
Prime Minister (1975-83), subsequently active as a social justice campaigner, including in relation to refugees, terrorism and civil liberties, awarded the Human Rights Medal in 2000, 'National Living Treasure'

Judge Kevin O'Connor AM – RIP 30 September 2018
Former officer of the Australian Law Reform Commission, Founding Australian Privacy Commissioner (1989-96), President of the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal (1998-2015)

Bill Orme – RIP 19 April 2016
Former Managing Partner of a major law firm, CEO of a major consultancy group, and Chair of major companies, founding Executive Member of the N.S.W. PrivacyCommittee (1975-82)


Ron Castan QC (1939-1999), Melbourne, Board-Member 1987-1999

Janine Haines (1945-2004), Adelaide, APCC President 1996-1999

Dr Les Lawrence (1944-1994), Sydney, Board-Member 1990-1994

Ben Lexcen (1936-1988), Perth, Trustee 1987-88

Sir Reginald Smithers Kt QC (1903-1993), Melbourne, Trustee 1987-90

The Advisory Panel is a complementary structure to the APF Board. Membership of the Advisory Panel enables well-recognised members of the community to lend their support to the APF's endeavours without having to commit the time required of a Board-member.

The functions of Members of the APF Advisory Panel are:

  • to offer advice to the APF Board from time to time. This may be done by the Advisory Panel as a whole, or by any individual Member of it, whether at the Board's request or at the initiative of any one or more Panel Members
  • to occasionally communicate with their peers in relation to key privacy issues
  • to authorise the APF to display the Member's association with the organisation

Last Amended:  16 September 2021