Australian police are using the Clearview AI facial recognition system with no accountability

Jake Goldenfein, Swinburne University of Technology Australian police agencies are reportedly using a private, unaccountable facial recognition service that combines machine learning and wide-ranging data-gathering practices to identify members of the public from online photographs. The service, Clearview AI, is like a reverse image search for faces. You upload an image of someone’s face and… Read More

MEDIA RELEASE: We need to have a serious talk about snooping

Protection from public sector snoops is okay for people in Britain but not for Australians? That’s the question being asked by the Australian Privacy Foundation – the nation’s independent privacy advocate. For more than 30 years the Foundation has been fighting for a respectful privacy regime. Just because something is politically advantageous, administratively convenient or… Read More

Federal Court Decision Guts the Privacy Act

The judgment of the Federal Court of Australia, in Privacy Commissioner v Telstra Corporation Pty Ltd, that key metadata is not “personal information” is “disastrous for ordinary Australians and misunderstands how a digital footprint identifies person”, the Australian Privacy Foundation said today.
This decision will severely impair the Privacy Commissioner in regulating privacy on line. Read More