The Federal government calls it a ‘Human Services Access Card’

We call it for what it is: a National ID Card System

Frequently Asked Question No. 15

How do editors, letter-writers and cartoonists see the ‘Access Card’?


See the ever-expanding collection of Editorials.

Letters to the Editor

It’s even harder to keep up with the voice of the people, but here’s a collection of Letters to the Editor.


Knee-deep as we are in keeping track of what the Government is up to, the APF finds it hard to laugh at the Government’s proposal. But some of these tickled our fancy.

A. Weldon (?), in The Age, on 20 March 2007:

Moir on 28 April 2006

Chris Henning, in The Sydney Morning Herald, on 10 February 2007, and run again on 23 July 2007:

Moir on 28 April 2006

Moir, on 28 April 2006:

Moir on 28 April 2006

Wilcox, in ‘The Age’, 27 March 2006:

19 July 2005:

    • by Fairfax cartoonist Moir (inspired by a letter to the editor that day):

    • by a cartoonist at The Australian (reflecting the news reported on the same day, that an Australian had just won a poker competition in the U.S. worth $A10 million)

    • by Leahy in The Brisbane Courier-Mail

Wilcox, on 18 May 2005:

Wilcox on 18 May 2005

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