The Federal government calls it a ‘Human Services Access Card’

We call it for what it is: a National ID Card System

Frequently Asked Question No. 14

How can I help prevent the introduction of a national identification scheme?

The APF provides a page with general guidance on what you can do to help with the protection of privacy in Australia.

The categories of activity we suggest are:

The Government is made up of politicians, and they listen closely to opinion polls, talk-back radio, media reports, large-volume letters to the editor, and nervous backbenchers who are worried about keeping their seats at the next election.

We therefore urge you to make your opinions about the National Identification Scheme known to the media, and to your local member.

The most effective form of communication is clear and concise letters, written in a tone of concern and urgency, but without aggression, threats or vitriolic language.

Here are email addresses for letters-to-the-editor for major newspapers.

Here are lists for:

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