28 July 2017

APF was formed in 1987. One of the significant dates was 28 July 1987, when a planning meeting was held, in preparation for the launch on 31 August 1987. The opportunity was taken to hold an event on 28 July, because the two founders are currently resident in London, but one was able to participate in the event on that date.

The event was held on the premises of UNSW Law – which was one of the primary loci of the organisation during its early years. That continues to be the case, with four of the current Board members, including the current Chair, David Vaile, still active in that Faculty.

The invitation was sent to all members of the APF, including all Board, Committee and Advisory Panel members. The program included a panel session on challenges to privacy in the next 30 years. This was followed by a review of APF’s history – see the slide-set and short text – with the atmosphere supported by refreshments.

Here’s a small selection of photos from the event:

Preparatory meeting on the history of the APF:
LtoR: Graham Greenleaf, Tim Dixon, Roger Clarke
David Vaile, Chair, introducing the Panel:
LtoR: Jake Goldenfein, Anna Johnston, Antony Funnell. (Not in picture: Elizabeth Coombs, Moderator)
Graham Greenleaf and Roger Clarke presenting APF history
Founder Tim Dixon with an original ‘No to ID!’ T-shirt
A Selection of Boarders 1997-2017:
Jake Goldenfein, Nigel Waters, Anna Johnston, Liam Pomfret, Roger Clarke, Holly Raiche, Graham Greenleaf, Tim Dixon, Bernard Robertson-Dunn, Julie Cameron, Anna Funder, David Vaile, Mark Walkom