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How to nominate someone for the APF’s Big Brother Awards

Follow the steps below to gather your information, and use the attached Nomination Form to record it.
Please submit your nominations before 1 October 2005 via the email links on this web page (below).

Alternatively you can manually email to,
or you can send postal material to

Australian Privacy Foundation
GPO Box 1196
Sydney NSW 2001.

It's easy to nominate a potential award winner, here's how:

A. Choose your nominee

They should be:

The deed for which they are nominated should have at least partially been put into practice – they lose points for just planning or announcing something!

B. Check the facts - do some research

It is preferable to include copies of, references to, or images of, press reports of the nominee's deed, and particularly Internet addresses of web site reports which confirm that they have actually done what you think they did. Rumour and speculation are not enough. Record their name, and a reasonable number of these references and links, for inclusion with your nomination. Make sure you have the correct name of the organization or person, accurately spelled, so you are nominating the right person.

C. Describe what they did

Write a short description of what they did that was so bad (or good), why it is so outstanding you think it deserves an award, and perhaps who it affects, and how. Be specific: include names, dates, places, program names, official terms, and preferably web links to official and media references with more details.

D. Select which category of award they deserve

E. Send an email message before 1 October

Address the message to with the subject “BBA nomination: <award category>” (for instance, 'BBA nomination: Lifetime menace'). In the body of the message (or in an attachment based on the Nomination Form) include the following essential information:

You can click on the link in a category below to create such an email message:

Nominate a privacy abuser for a Big Brother Award ("The Orwells")

  1. Lifetime Menace – for a privacy invader with a long record of profound disregard for privacy.
  2. Greatest Corporate Invader – for a corporation that has shown a blatant disregard of privacy.
  3. Worst Public Agency or Official – for a government agency or official that has shown a blatant disregard of privacy.
  4. Most Invasive Technology – for a technology that is particularly privacy invasive.
  5. Boot in the Mouth – the ‘best’ (most appalling!) quote on a privacy-related topic.

Nominate a privacy defender for a"Smith" Award (after Winston Smith, hero of 1984)

  1. Best Privacy Guardian – for a meritorious act of privacy protection or defence.
  2. Lifetime Achievement – for provision of outstanding services to privacy protection.

F. Send the message!

What happens next?

The Australian Privacy Foundation will post the most popular current nominations on this site at the Big Brother Awards page,

Nominations received by 1 October will be forwarded to our panel of inscrutable judges, who will identify winners in each category above, and also tally the 'People's Choice', the one with the most nominations.

The awards will be announced in Melbourne on 8 November 2005.