BBA – Table of Previous Winners

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Most Invasive Technology
Worst Corporate Invader
Worst Agency or Official
Lifetime Menace
People's Choice
Lifetime Achievement
Best Privacy Guardian
Body Scanners
(2nd: Google StreetView and Wifi)
Qld Driver's Licence
& Vic Tpt Ticketing (MyKi)
(2nd: Biometrics Institute, & Chasers Nightclub ID and Biometric Scanning)
Eric Schmidt (of Google)     Nigel Waters  
ANPR by Police and Crimtrac
(2nd: Google Maps)
Biometrics Institute
(2nd: Telstra)
National eHealth Transition Authority (NEHTA)     NSW Govt for Automated Electoral Enrolment   Carolyn Bond (VIC) & Kat Lane (NSW), Consumer Credit Advocates
Health-e-Link by NSW Health Dept The Banks, for dealings with SWIFT
(2nd: Direct Health Solutions employee interrogation & the PMP Junk Mail company's GPS tracking of walkers)
(Also and reverse-phone directories)
Chris Ellison, Justice Minister, for the AML&CTF law
(2nd: Medical Researchers at LaTrobe University, for a sexual health research study)
(Also SA Health re children's mental health records)
    Joe Hockey, Minister for Human Services, for the ‘'Access Card'
(2nd: NSW Health Dept for Health-e-Link)
  Lex Lasry QC and other lawyers for refusing personal security clearances by ASIO
(2nd: ACMA for Spam Act prosecution)
(Also Brent Carey, Senior Privacy Adviser, Vic Dept of Justice)
Health Communications Network for allowing extraction of medical information from GPs' computers
(2nd: HP, Microsoft for ID scheme technologies)
Telstra for their Employee Monitoring and Surveillance procedure
(2nd: CAMM Pacific for extracting medical information from GPs' computers)
(Also Dun & Bradstreet for its relentless campaign for 'positive' reporting, i.e. access to all credit data about everyone)
Senator Julian McGauran for an abortion disclosure
(2nd: Vic Police for LEAP database disclosures)
Senator Amanda Vanstone for proposing a national ID card
(2nd: Peter Beattie, Qld Premier, for firing the starter's gun in the race)
NSW Govt, for failing to appoint a Privacy Commissioner for 2-1/2 years ABS for converting the Census into an identified database Senator Natasha Stott-Despoja Jon Stanhope, ACT Chief Minister for publishing the 'confidential' draft Anti-Terrorism Bill
(2nd: Steve Ciobo, Qld Liberal backbencher, for speaking against the ID card)
Biometric Passports Major political parties, for abuses around elections Bob Debus, NSW Attorney-General Qld Smartcard Drivers Licence Carl Scully, NSW Minister for Roads     John Pane, Australia Post's Chief Privacy Officer
TICA Default Tenancy Control Internet Industry Association Senator Chris Ellison, Minister for Justice  

Darryl Williams, Clth Attorney General