= Australian Privacy Foundation - Big Brother Awards - Invitation

You are invited to attend the first Australian Big Brother Awards, and mingle with local and international privacy advocates. It's free, and hosted by the Australian Privacy Foundation (APF), campaigning since 1987 on a wide range of privacy issues across Australia. 

The Venue

When: 6pm - 7pm, Tuesday 8 November 2005

Where: xxx,
             Cnr of xxx, Melbourne.

The Awards

The Big Brother Awards (BBA) were conceived in the mid-1990s as a means of drawing attention to privacy invasion by corporations, public officials and government. This is the first time it is being held in Australia. See the Privacy International site at www.privacyinternational.org/bigbrother/ for awards in many other countries.

The Award ceremony is a spoof "The Oscars" - the Big Brothers have become affectionately known as "The Orwells". The event should be good fun, with plenty of humour and audience participation.

Award categories

Our eminent judging panel consisting of lawyers, academics, consultants, journalists and civil rights activists, are finalising the winners of the Big Brother Awards for privacy abusers for the following categories (provided the nominations meet the criteria):
  1.   Lifetime Menace - for a privacy invader with a long record of profound disregard for privacy.
  2.   Greatest Corporate Invader - for a corporation that has shown a blatant disregard of privacy.
  3.   Worst Public Agency or Official - for a government agency or official that has shown a blatant disregard of privacy.
  4.   Most Invasive Technology - for a technology that is particularly privacy invasive.
  5.   People's Choice - decided by popular vote, and given to the individual or organisation most frequently nominated by the public.

RSVP and inquiries

If you would like to attend the Awards and/or the dinner, or you have any queries, please send an email to <secretary@privacy.org.au> by 1 November 2005. Please include:

For more information about the APF, including an application for membership and how to contact us, see <http://www.privacy.org.au/>.

Media Contacts

Anna Johnston – 0400 432 241 or (02) 9432 0320
Spokesperson and chair
Australian Privacy Foundation
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Also David Vaile vice-chair 0414 731 249.